Keg Handling Testimonials

Lion Nathan Australia are informing venues of your solution if we see them double stacking because we need to face reality and accept the practice exists, and need drive safety into this practice and reduce the risks associated. Click here to read more

Brent Wright
National Beer Systems Manager
Lion Nathan

I have been managing Clubs & Pubs for about 20 years, and anyone that’s in the industry knows that even with a glycol system, you still need to get your kegs cold. Warm kegs, a) don’t taste as good; and b) can turn to froth a lot easier when pulling through the lines, which produces unnecessary wastage. Before I started double stacking my kegs and getting them cold, we would waste up to $500 worth of beer per week sometimes.

Sometimes the cool room is just not big enough to fit enough kegs in, and this is where the keg lifter comes in. This is the safest and easiest way that I have ever seen to double stack kegs. I highly recommend this piece of equipment, you will not regret it.

Matt Hewer
Fitzy’s Loganholme
Spirit Hotels

After having two keg handling related injuries that resulted in time off work and workers compensation claims, I had been on the lookout for a zero effort keg handling solution. As it turned out Google was my friend and an internet search turned up WorkRight Saftey Solutions and their Keg Lifter.

The Keg Lifter has allowed any member of staff, male or female, to handle kegs in our cellar including double stacking for storage. Any member of staff can now move a keg from storage to the bank or from the bank to our stock control scales with virtually no effort. The operation of the Keg Lifter is simple, with only minutes of training required.

As we are no longer restricted in the need for personnel capable of handling heavy loads we are now able to roster more flexibly. Any staff member can now be trained in cellar operations and we can be assured that keg handling will cease to be a safety or manual handling issue.

Luke Barnes
Secretary Manager
Mullumbimby Ex-Services Club

The LiftRight Keg Trolley has been a vauable tool used at the Sebastopol Bowling Club.

Having bowling members who volunteer their time in support of the Club by doing various jobs is fantastic, but it raises concerns in our business, especially if heavy lifting is involved.

The LiftRight Keg Trolley allows our older members to move kegs aorund with ease and without fear of injuring themselves. As a manager this gives me peace of mind and allows the members to contribute to their club.

Occupational Health and Safety is a major concern in business and by providing the LiftRight Keg Trolley my staff have the effective tools to protect themselves from any heavy lifting related injury. I was recently audited by Worksafe Victoria and they were impressed with the LiftRight Keg Trolley and satisfied that I was taking preventative measure against any injury to my staff.

The trolley is simple to use and the solid wheels allow for greater control. The keg hook removes any problem with the keg slipping or sliding on the trolley. I recommend any business required to move kegs around should have LiftRight Keg Trolley.

Rodney Beckwith
Chief Executive Officer
Sebastopol Bowling Club

Watergate Safety Gate Testimonials

Our mezzanine fall protection system was cumbersome, hard to use and not particularly safe. We replaced it with a Watergate Safety Gate and achieved a significant improvement. Watergate is easy for staff to use and provides an excellent level of safety.

David Dunne / Production Manager
Logan Moulders Queensland

We have installed seven Watergate Safety Gates in our paint manufacturing plant. As well as the all important safety aspect, we have gained significant improvement in productivity.

Terry Wynne / Production Manager
Barlow World (Taubmans Paints) Victoria

Our carpet manufacturing process takes place over two levels. This creates many problems and safety issues. We progressively installed eight Watergate Safety Gates on loading platforms requiring fall protection. Our staff find the gates very easy to use and our work practices have become easier, faster and safer.

Tony Matthews / Maintenance Manager
Victoria Carpets Victoria