Workright Safety Solutions wins at the Worksafe Victoria Awards

Workright Safety Solutions was proud to be awarded the Worksafe Victoria Award for the best solution to prevent musculoskeletal injuries for their revolutionary beer keg handling system.

Presented at the Worksafe Victoria Awards Dinner at Melbourne’s Crown Plaza, the award recognised the safety improvements and productivity gains achieved with the keg handling system.

Workright Safety Solutions directors and designers of the keg handling system, Terry and Dennis Morgan, said the hospitality industry had struggled with safe keg handling for a long time.

“Keg handling is a staple of the hospitality industry and has always presented a workplace health and safety challenge for businesses; kegs are heavy, awkward and difficult to maneuver.
We saw a need to create a product that allowed for the safe and easy movement of kegs, full or empty, to prevent workplace injuries; it’s such an integral part of the hospitality industry and people should be equipped to do it safely,” Dennis said.

The Workright Safety Solutions keg handling system includes a purpose built keg trolley, keg lifter, ramp and stack safe crosses that are specifically designed to lift, move and store kegs safely and easily.

Worksafe Victoria Executive Director, John Merritt, presented the award.

Workright Safety Solutions is an Australian company established to provide specialised and creative solutions to businesses facing safety risks. Designers and engineers work together to develop a tailored solution to your industry or business risks.